While the success of any organization is the sum of the efforts and dedication of its membership, the focus of those efforts is entrusted to their elected and appointed leadership.

At the VFW Department of Wisconsin, we are fortunate to have a proud history of dedicated individuals who have been willing to serve as leaders who helped take us to new heights in Service to Veterans.

On the following pages, please take a moment to meet the key leaders of our Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars for the 2018-19 Program Year at both the Department (state) and District levels.


Don Lynch

State Commander - Air Force

Jason Johns

State Sr Vice Commander - Army

Cory Geisler

Jr Vice Commander - Army

Tom Heath

State Quartermaster - Army

David C Green

State Adjutant - Army

Phil Allen

State Chaplain - Navy

Bill Knudson

State Judge Advocate - Army

Adam Wallace

State Surgeon - National Guard

Gundel Metz

Past State Commander - Army

Norbert Lee

State Inspector - Army

Michele Rathke

Chief of Staff - Air Force


Bill Murphy

District 1 Commander - Army

Keith Lauth

District 2 Commander - Marines

John Walker

District 3 Commander - National Guard

Bob Bolz

District 4 Commander - Navy

Ken Hemenway

District 6 Commander - Navy

Scott Colburn

District 7 Commander - Marines

Pat Moran

District 8 Commander - Army

Mary Ann Christopherson

District 9 Commander - Army

George Cusick

District 10 Commander - Air Force

Bartley Mauch

District 11 Commnder - Army