Cory Geisler
District 2 Commander - Army

Cory Geisler is a Life Member of Waukesha Post #721. He served in the US Army in the Military Police Corp from 2005-2012 and left the US Army as a Staff Sergeant. Cory earned his eligibility in the VFW from his service in Korea and in Iraq. Cory joined the VFW in 2009.


Cory has been the Post Commander for Post #721 for the last 4 years. He has also been the Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff for District 2. He was the Junior-Vice and Senior-Vice Commander for District 2 and is currently in his 3rd year as the Safety Officer for District 2. Cory is currently in his 3rd year as the Safety Chairman for the Department of WI.

Cory joined the VFW after he came back from Iraq as a way to help his fellow Veterans who were struggling to adjust when they came home. His goal is to make District 2 even stronger than it has been by getting out and visiting all the posts. Putting a face to the name is the key to gaining trust and motivating posts to do more than they think they can.