Leroy Jansky
Chief of Staff - Navy

     Leroy Jansky is a member of Chippewa Falls Post 1038 where he has held a number of elected offices including:  Chaplain, Jr. Vice, Sr. Vice, Post Cmdr. (six consecutive years) and since 2009, Quartermaster. In District 9, offices include: Inspector, Jr. Vice, Sr. Vice and Commander (four terms) and currently the Sr. Vice Cmdr. and Adjutant.  He has also chaired a wide range of VFW programs at the Post and District levels.

     His Department involvement is equally extensive: State Inspector for six years, Deputy Chief of Staff (2017-18) as well as Committee appointments in Finance and Building among others.
Leroy served in the US Navy from 1972-74 and the Navy Reserves from 1974-76.  He was trained as an FTG (Fire Control Technician–Gun) and worked on the MK 56 fire control radar system aboard USS Dubuque LPD-8. He served in the territorial waters of Vietnam from November 1972 to July 1973, returning to the US in August 1973.  

     Leroy was in territorial waters at the end of the Vietnam War and was part of the Naval force that swept mines in Hia Phong Harbor, North Vietnam immediately after the end of the war.  He finished his active duty service in Long Beach, CA.

     RE VFW Programs: "There are many VFW programs that I enjoy being involved in but VFW Buddy Poppy is probably my favorite.  I actually enjoy the Poppy distribution part at local stores because you can meet all kinds of different people, many of whom are veterans and will chat for a while about their service.” 

     On a personal note: "My training in the service was in electronics so I thought I might go into television and radio repair work – good thing I didn’t!  Instead, I graduated from UW-Madison College of Agriculture in 1979 with a BS Degree in Soil Science.”
Further: "My wife of 40 years has become active in the VFW Auxiliary and now we get to talk shop a lot.  She is President of Auxiliary 1038 and enjoys attending State and National Conventions.  So we have made the VFW part of our family that we share with our two sons and five grandchildren who all live close by in the Chippewa Falls area.”