The "Unmet Needs” Program is offered by the Wisconsin VFW as a reflection of its commitment to helping our comrades-in-arms and their families when they need a hand-up, not a handout. Through this program we provide direct financial assistance to provide for basic life needs of Wisconsin Veterans and their families. Once an application is received, action is taken quickly by the Unmet Needs Committee (made up entirely of VFW volunteers). If a grant is approved by the committee, a financial distribution is promptly and directly made to the applicant’s creditor. Additionally, whether approved or denied, the committee will make all effort to refer the applicant to an appropriate agency or other nonprofit that may be able to provide further assistance.


Funding for the Unmet Needs Program comes directly from private and corporate donors  who trust the Wisconsin VFW and it is a trust we do not take lightly. 100% of all donations goes directly to providing needed financial assistance to Wisconsin Veterans and their families. If you are able, please consider DONATING (click to donate) today!


Eligibility and Program Information