The Veterans of Foreign Wars is an organization of combat Veterans, from all wars, dedicated to service on behalf of all military Veterans who have honorably served our great nation.

Our original mission, dating back more than a century, was to fight for the care of our wounded comrades, their widows and orphans. We are proud of our accomplishments over the years, and to this very day we maintain vigilance and take whatever steps necessary to insure that our beloved nation never forgets or foresakes its moral obligation to fulfill its commitment to those who have given of themselves in defense of the freedoms and liberties we all enjoy today.

Today our role extends far beyond that original mission. A military Veteran has learned the value of service and our members employ a spirit of Service not just to addressing our comrades immediate needs, but to outreach to all families and every age level in our communities to celebrate the greatness of our nation by fostering true patriotism, providing valuable scholarships and rendering aid and assistance to active-duty military, and Veterans in need.

To accomplish all this, we produce a wide array of programs with a common goal: To render service in the name, and memory, of our comrades in arms throughout the ages.  Explore these pages to see what we do in service to America and her Veteran Heroes.