Manuel Salas - aka NO-G
Commander District 1 - Navy

MS2 (Mess Management Specialists) Manuel Salas was in the United States Navy for 5 years on active duty and for 8 years in the US Naval Reserves. He joined in December 1980 on the delayed entry program. He went to RTC Great Lakes on July 6 1981 as part of Company 221 who were all from the great state of Wisconsin. The Company was sponsored by the Milwaukee Brewers. He spent his 18th birthday in boot camp where he was given 50 push ups as a birthday present.
His first duty station was at Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard and was assigned to the tugs. He became a Tug Boat Captain in 6 months and pulled all subs out of dry dock for the next year. In 1983 he reported to the USS Trenton LPD 14. During the next 3 years he deployed to Grenada and Beirut where he was awarded Armed Forces Expeditionary, Navy Expeditionary, Humanitarian and Navy Unit Commendation Medals witch made him eligible for membership in the VFW.
Manuel is a lifelong resident of Racine, Wisconsin. Manuel is presently employed as a maintenance lead for 2 senior living facilities in Racine Wisconsin with a total of 115 apartments being maintained. Manuel is a Harley enthusiast and has been riding Harleys for 44 years.
With the VFW Manuel has worked his way up through the chairs starting as Jr. Vice Commander for VFW Post 1865 through Post Commander. Then to District Jr. Vice to presently first time District 1 Commander. Other positions with in the VFW include National Aide de Camp (2020-2021), Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the State Commander for the Department Riders Group (for PSC Johns), President of the Department Riders, Big 10 Conference Committee member, MOC Pup Tent 6 Trustee and District Hide Gimlet. VFW Legacy Life (Silver) member with 26 years in the VFW and Life member of MOC, American Legion member.