Hudson High School Marching Band Performs at Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary

Ron Ramos, VFW Post 10818 - 1/24/2017

On December 7, 2016 the Hudson High School Marching Band performed during the 75th Anniversary of the infamous Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on this day in 1941. The Hudson High School Marching Band was chosen by the Pearl Harbor Memorial Committee to represent the ENTIRE state of Wisconsin. All states with a battleship named for it were represented during the ceremony.



Hudson High School marched in the 58th spot of more than 100 units in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade. The band performed "This Is My Country” on the parade route as well as other selections, including the Navy hymn, for other scheduled concerts. The band was led by Band Director Ryan McCarthy. Of the entire Marching Band, only 60 members made the once-in-a-lifetime trip to perform in Hawaii. 


Of those band members, one of our own Auxiliary members performed. Samantha Yonan is not only a member of the Hudson High School Marching Band, but is also one of our youngest Auxiliary members! Samantha shared with us a few words about her trip:


"I enjoyed participating in the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. On our trip we went to the U.S.S Missouri and explored the ship. While we were there we got to look out over the whole harbor which held the ships that lay in the harbor. As we explored the ships we got to see just a glimpse of what it was like being on the Missouri. After our exploration on the ship we performed our chosen pieces of music. While we played in front of the ship it truly set in that we were playing for all those who lost their lives. When we finished our performance we made our way to the theater where we watched a documentary about December 7, 1941. When the nearly hour long video ended we made our way to the boats which would carry us to the U.S.S Arizona. On our boat we had the honor of sitting along side of a survivor of the horrific attack. As we set foot on the floating memorial  it felt like another world. Everyone was so sad. You could see the oil as it continues to spill from the ship. The rusted Arizona lay on the floor of the ocean and as you walk over the ship you get truly strange feeling. When you get to the back of the memorial there lays a wall which hold all the names of those who died on the ship. As you read over the names you start to think about how lucky you are. For me, I started to think about all of those who lost someone that day, who lost a father? A mother? A sister or brother? What about an uncle? 1,102 people lay in that ship, buried at sea. Never again to say "I love you" to their family or loved one. They lay on the ship never to be moved, to mark the spot of one of the most tragic events in our American History. It was truly an honor to have been part of the 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor because it showed me how to be thankful to all those men and women who laid down their lives to protect mine.”


VFW Post 10818 and its Auxiliary are immensely proud of Hudson High School for their great performance and their once-in-a-lifetime trip. A great job was done representing Wisconsin, Hudson, and St. Croix County!


Photos courtesy of Shannon VerDuin