Arlington Faces Future Burial Issues

National VFW - 4/3/2017

On Wednesday, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs held a hearing to discuss current operations and concerns with shrinking space for future burials at the Arlington National Cemetery. Currently, Arlington is estimated to reach capacity around the year 2040 unless more space is added or eligibility is changed. This means a veteran from the 1991 Gulf War who lives to normal life expectancy would not have the option of being buried at Arlington. The Army and subcommittee members are looking for ways to keep Arlington open for new burials beyond 2040. Options discussed include: costly expansions, some of which would be annexes not physically connected to Arlington; changes of eligibility for burial in Arlington, which range from restricting eligibility for military retirees to reducing the amount of eligible veterans to those who have earned certain valor awards such as the Medal of Honor and service members who were killed in action. The VFW is working closely with Congress to find the best solutions that keep the integrity of ANC intact and honors the lives those who have worn our nation’s uniform. Click here for audio of the hearing