VFW Participates in Congressional Opioid Roundtable

National VFW - 8/4/2017

The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee hosted a roundtable discussion on the country’s opioid epidemic and what the Department of Veterans Affairs is doing to assist veterans struggling with opioid addiction. Discussion participants included Chairman Phil Roe, Ranking Member Tim Walz and the all committee members, KellyAnne Conway, VA providers, VA researchers, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Center for Disease Control, Drug Enforcement Administration, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, law enforcement officials and other veteran organizations. The two-hour meeting allowed for in-depth conversation concerning addiction therapy research and how VA can implement best practices focused on patient-centered care with their providers. Chairman Roe also brought to light some of his concerns outside the medical scope of opioid addiction regarding the economic implications of drug abuse, particularly in rural areas already suffering from economic problems. The discussion ended with proper ways to move forward with addiction therapy and alternative methods of treatment. Committee members as well as VA expressed the desire to invest more into research for methods such as acupuncture, possible medical marijuana and telehealth options. At its 118th national convention in New Orleans, the VFW passed a resolution calling on the federal government to fund research on the use of medical cannabis. Learn more about VA's opioid safety initiative