Welcome to the Department of Wisconsin’s CAMO page!!   What is CAMO? CAMO is Community Activities and Mobilization Objective, Commander Jason Johns’ initiative to encourage post engagement within our communities via increased participation in events and activities.  We want the VFW posts across Wisconsin to return to our roots as a central part of our communities, to be an active and regular presence in our hometowns, and to provide an example of civic engagement for other citizens and youth to strive for. 


CAMO is also a new program requirement for All-State.  Posts must participate in a minimum of two (2) CAMO Community Programs.  What qualifies as a CAMO program? An event or activity in which the Post is a driving force or significant participant, and which benefits or recognizes some element of the local community other than the VFW Post directly. Specific activity requirements are being kept broad to encourage out of the box thinking by Posts and VFW members. 


Check back to this page frequently as more information will be added about events, post activities, and additional information.  


For more information or to share CAMO related activity information, email the State CAMO Chair (Jason Janecek, Post 690) at or contact your district CAMO representative: 


District 1: Randy Strickland

District 2: Adam Wallace

District 3:  Patti Leahy

District 4: Tom Tradewell

District 6: 

District 7:

District 8: Pat Moran

District 9: Leroy Jansky

District 10: Jason Janecek

District 11: Willie Stokes