The Wisconsin Veteran and Military Support Program is available to ANY Veteran or Veteran's family in need. That includes currently-serving Military families.

This "Unmet Needs" Program is offered as part of the Wisconsin VFW's commitment to serving our comrades-in-arms when they need a helping hand. It is not, however, a "hand out" program. The assistance this program offers is directed toward financial assistance that could help pay bills that provide for basic life needs.

Once an application is completed and submitted it is acted upon quickly. Often the applicant will receive a direct cash grant, or will be promptly referred to an appropriate agency that can resolve the issue at hand. Sometimes we may provide a combination of both grant money and referral.

The funding for this program comes from direct large and small contributions of private donors, entrusted to us for delivering the assistance an applicant needs. Applications are processed entirely by VFW volunteers.


Please click here to download our QRF/Unmet Needs Application, which spells out all requirements. (Once downloaded to your computer the form can be filled out on your computer using Adobe Reader and printed out for submission.